20 lb. UltraBright CAD Inkjet Bond Paper

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Paper Unlimited's 20 lb. UltraBright CAD Inkjet Bond Paper is the highest quality 20 lb. premium uncoated inkjet bond paper on the market today. 20BIJHR is perfect for use in most modern day inkjet printers, like Canon, HP and Epson. This premium paper offers superior smoothness with a 94 bright white finish. Our uncoated inkjet Ultra Bright bonds are perfect for general-purpose monochrome inkjet and pen plotting where a whiter, brighter, longer lasting, and stiffer sheet is required. Paper Unlimited's 24" X 36" cut sheet uncoated Ultra Bright inkjet bonds are used for high-quality CAD, architectural, and engineering drawings. Paper Unlimited product number 20BIJHR2436100 contains 100 sheets per package.